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Why a Vogue Cover Created an Uproar Over Kamala Harris

“How can portraits convey authority? For thousands of years, rulers and would-be rulers have used portraits to assert their legitimacy, proclaim their power, and solidify their authority. Portraits could be especially important for a sovereign whose actual right to rule was questionable or contested.” – Art Through Time: A Global View

Time Magazine Photojournalism 2019

Time Magazine Photojournalism 2019

Time Magazine Photojournalism

Time Magazine Best Photojournalism 2018

Time Magazine Best Photojournalism 2017

National Archives Apologizes for Altering Image of 2017 Women’s March

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“Relentless Absurdity”: An Army Photographer’s Censored Images

“Relentless Absurdity”: An Army Photographer’s Censored Images


Storytelling in Pictures

Storytelling in Pictures


Where is Photography Banned?

Where is Photography Banned? – Feature Shoot