Writing An Artist Statement & Tutorials

Articles on writing your artist statement:

  1. Keeping An Artist Statement Short and Clear
  2. Writing Your Artist Statement, By Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.
  3. Writing in Art: Introduction
  4. How to Write an Artist Statement
  5. Grant Space: The Foundation Center
  6. Hyperperallergic

Examples of Step-By-Step Tutorials:

  1. Ten steps to creating a poster illustration with Adobe Photoshop CS6
  2. Adobe Tutorials: Examples of Step-By-Step Tutorials
  3. Creative Bloq

MLA: Writing Guide

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Writing a Reflective Essay, Artist Statement

A three paragraph artist statement / reflection essay may also include the following;

  • The – who – what – where – why – when – and how of your story  (a clear overview of your visual idea).
  • Describe what your images say about  your subject/object?
  • Why is the subject or content of your story important?
  • Discuss what inspired and motivated you before, during and in post-production.
  • Describe in detail the process of making your piece and why.
  • What do you want viewers to see and feel about your work?  Use the photographic compositional terms discussed in class to back up your decisions.
  • Reflect on the final output. Were you successful?
  • Site a specific image or images and describe the process and story behind them.
  • Don’t forget to include three research links. – if applicable.  (Wikipedia is not an acceptable research site.)
  • Your images MUST relate and/or reflect your summary/artist statement.

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