Lighting & Studio Equipment


Video & Articles:

Articles on natural lighting:

Articles on studio equipment and lighting:

  1. Basic Studio Equipment
  2. Intro to Studio Lighting
  3. Shutterbug Basic Studio 
  4. Intro To Portrait Lighting
  5. 6 simple lighting setups for shooting portraits at home
  6. Link to Basic Photo Studio Equipment, more on Studio Equipment
  7. Link: Three-Point Lighting Simulator
  8. 5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography
  9. How to Set Up and Use Hot Lights
  10. All About Gels $ Correcting Lights
  11. Light Controls De-Mystified

Articles On Posing Subjects:

  1. Posing Your Female Subject
  2. Posing Your Male Subject
  3. Posing Children
  4. Posing Groups

Links to Photographic and Visual Art Terms:

  1. General Photography Vocabulary
  2. Visual Arts General Vocabulary visartvocab
  3. Photo Terms from Better Photo
  4. Color In Motion
  5. Glossary of digital photo terms from B & H Photo
  6. Glossary of digital photo terms from Canon
  7. Glossary of digital photo terms from Nikon

Link to Adobe TV Photoshop:

Photoshop CS5

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