Lighting & Studio Equipment


  1. Photo Equipment in New York City (Awesome Staff and Supporters of SAI)  Fotocare
  2. Article on basic studio equipment from APN 
  3. Link to basic Grip Equipment
  4. Information on Digital Photo Technology  –  Digital Photo Pro  –  Photo District News
  5. high-key-lighting
  6. Lowel Education Site: Learning to Light Better

Video & Articles:

  1. Very Informative Side-by-Side Comparison of Different Light Modifiers
  2. Photoflex Lighting School – Lighting Tips

Articles on natural lighting:

  1. Natural Lighting: Cambridge Colour
  2. The 4 Best Types of Natural Light for Your Photography

Articles on studio equipment and lighting:

  1. Basic Studio Equipment
  2. Intro to Studio Lighting
  3. Shutterbug Basic Studio 
  4. Intro To Portrait Lighting
  5. 6 simple lighting setups for shooting portraits at home
  6. Link to Basic Photo Studio Equipment, more on Studio Equipment
  7. Link: Three-Point Lighting Simulator
  8. 5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography
  9. How to Set Up and Use Hot Lights
  10. All About Gels $ Correcting Lights
  11. Light Controls De-Mystified

Articles On Posing Subjects:

  1. Posing Your Female Subject
  2. Posing Your Male Subject
  3. Posing Children
  4. Posing Groups

Links to Photographic and Visual Art Terms:

  1. General Photography Vocabulary
  2. Visual Arts General Vocabulary visartvocab
  3. Photo Terms from Better Photo
  4. Color In Motion
  5. Glossary of digital photo terms from B & H Photo
  6. Glossary of digital photo terms from Canon
  7. Glossary of digital photo terms from Nikon

Link to Adobe TV Photoshop:

Photoshop CS5

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