On Portrait Photography

8 Reasons Why Your Business Image Matters

Reference Articles/Images on Self-Portraits:

  1. Read the article on Self-Portraits and answer the following form.
  2. Images – Zev, 14-Year-Old Photographer, Creates Gorgeous Self-Portraits 
  3. Article on Photographic Psychology: Image and Psyche
  4. Article on Surrealism and the Self-Portrait
  5. Article on how we connect and thrive through emerging technologicies

Symmetrical Portraits: (Twins and other fun images…)

  1. Check out the Symmetrical Photographs by Julian Wolkenstein
  2. Article on Julian Wolkenstein’s Symmetrical Portraits
  3. Article on Symmetrical Portraits of Twins
  4. Photographer Julie de Waroquier
  5. Link to National Geographic pictorial on Twins, A Thing or Two About Twins
  6. Mary Ellen Marks, Intro to her book project, Twins

Article on Portrait Project You May Touch a Stranger

National Portrait Gallery: From the Victorians to the present day

Portrait Photographers: (There are too many to list, here are a few…)

  1. Martin Schoeller
  2. Annie Leibovitz
  3. Mark Seliger

Articles on posing your subjects;

  1. Tips on posing people
  2. 10 Ways to Direct a Portrait Shoot like a Pro
  3. 8 Ways to Make Photography Subjects Feel Comfortable

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