Summer Arts Institute

The Summer Arts Institute’s Photography Program is currently on hiatus.  Please contact SAI directly to express an interest in continuing the program.  With your help, we can bring back the photography program.

Summer Arts Institute / 333 7th Avenue, Room 801 / New York, NY 10001 Phone: (212) 356-8573

Student ideas and images Summer 2013 Blog-

Information on the Summer Arts Institute — Video about S.A.I.


  1. D3000_Manual
  2. Nikon D3000 Quick Guide
  3. Sekonic_l-308s_manual_english
  4. Sekonic_l-308s_quick_quide_english
  5. Profoto_acute2

Critiques:  We will have group critiques each Friday morning.

Topics and Some Sites of Interest:

Street Photography:

  1. Eric Kim
  2. Martin Parr
  3. Aperture Article
  4. Article: 11 Lessons Diane Arbus Can Teach You About Street Photography
  5. Article: 6 Ideas To Photograph When You’re Out On The Street
  6. Article: Eric Kim: 10 Lessons William Klein has taught me about Street Photography
  7. Street Photography Video: Adam Marelli on Street Photography
  8. Film: Vivian Maier
  9. Article: Street Photography Cheat Sheet


  1. Check out the beautiful photography of MIERSWA & KLUSKA
  2. Beauty
  3. Viktoria Stutz
  4. Hiyiyatun


  1. Article: Portrait Lighting
  2. Various Studio Set-Ups
  3. Media College: Three-point lighting set-up
  4. Sunny 16 Rule
  5. Photoflex

People + Still Life:

  1. Photographer:  Ruven Afanador
  2. Agent:  Management+Artists
  3. Agent:  212artists
  4. Agent:  Ray Brown Represents  –

Urban Landscapes:

  1. Abandoned NY
  2. Paul Raphaelson
  3. Urban Landscapes

Portrait Photography:  A Critical Analysis of Richard Avedon’s “In The American West”

Article: Why Pictures Are So Powerful

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