Portrait of a Space

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”                  Ansel Adams

Harlem’s P.S. 186, Image by Will Ellis


Geodesic Dome, 1967 World Exposition, Montreal, Image by Jade Doskov


Portrait of a Space: Students will be able to use a digital or analog device, such as a cell phone, camera, or iPad, to design, create, and edit photographs to tells the story of a place / space that the student has an emotional connection with. Students will create a series of images that represent a chosen space using abstraction and other compositional techniques.

Time Frame Estimate: 2-4 weeks

Students will be required to;

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Photo Project Rubricbased on New York State Learning Standards for the Arts

Advanced Accomplished Proficient Incomplete
-Exceeded all requirements.  -Met all or most requirements. -Met some requirements.  -Did not meet requirements.

Extra – Extra Credit 

  • Feeling ambitious! Create a 5-minute video using Screencast-o-matic and then share it on Vimeo. Include your final image(s), in the order you wish viewers to see them, with a detailed description of each.  You may read your artist statement aloud, speak slowly and clearly.