Freshman Foundation – Fall 2020

My assignment at the start of the Fall 2020 school year was to cover a fine art Freshman Foundation class. It was a joy engaging with these incoming 9th graders. Working collaboratively, students created presentations that showcased their understanding of the elements and principles of design, composition, and shading of still-life images.

The group project examples below demonstrate an individual student’s artistic practice and group effort to solve problems following a rubric in an effective manner within a specific time-frame. It also allows students to practice their verbal and academic language skills during group presentations that foster critical thinking through the critique process with thoughtful reflection.

Below are examples of a still-life group project and the rubric.

Below are screenshots of our class Padlets used for our warm-up ‘Do Now’ discussions. Padlets were used as a collaborate digital tool to foster engagement. It allowed students to give feedback in real-time as well as work independently and collaboratively.