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Higher Education Division: Remote Learning

United Photo Industry Teacher Resources – A wonderful site full of resources

The UPI Collaberative Photography Lessons above are available directly on the UPI site and are developed by participating educators during professional development programing, enjoy!

Art & Education:

British Journal of Photography

Cell Phone Photography: Hive & SVA

Color Theory:


Creative Live

Common Core:

Curriculum: 21st Century Learning Models

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Google Drawing:

History of Photography:

Interactive ExposureLearn The Exposure Triangle

ISTE Educational Standards

K-12 Blueprint: Technology Resources for Educators & Administrators


Light Research: Articles on Photogaphy

Lifehacker: Guides to basic photography


PBS Article, How this museum preserves thousands of photographs

Scott Kelby:

Teaching Social Justice through Photography

Writing Style Guides: List of additional styles