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The Art Critique

The purpose of a critique is to help you make better images. In the process you gain an understand of how your peers perceive your work.  It is also a great opportunity to practice your visual literacy skills.

  • General Group Critique Outline: The teacher or intern will act as the facilitator.
  • One Minute: Presenter (Student):
  • The presenter will speak briefly and introduce their work in a few sentences. The presenter should be clear about his/her needs, for example, does the presenter want general or specific feedback.
  • Thirty Seconds: Each Group Member Should…
  • Speak about the elements and principles of art as they relate to the work.  Speak of the technical quality of the work. For example, what are your thoughts/comments about exposure, background, color, tone, focus and composition. Can the image benefit from improvement in those areas?
  • Speak of the social relevance or impact of the work.  Is there a theme or story that ties the images together? For example; does the image tell you anything new about the world we live in?

Below are some general articles related to photo critiques.

    1. What is a Critique?
    2. Critique Guidelines
    3. Art Critiques Made Easy
    4. Evaluating Student Work

Below are some general articles related to artist statements

    1. Artist Statements: A Quick Guide
    2. Your Artist Statement: Explaining the Unexplainable

Writing Style Guides: List of additional styles

  • APA: – used in many of the social and behavioral sciences
  • MLA: – used in the humanities, language, and literature
  • Chicago/Turabian: – used in the fields of literature, history, and the arts
  • CSE: – used in the biological sciences
  • The Punctuation Guide

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