photo_critique_checklist Document

Critiques:  SAI (Summer Arts Institute) will have group critiques each Friday morning.

The purpose of a critique is to help you make better images. In the process you gain an understand of how your peers perceive your work.  It is also a great opportunity to practice your visual literacy skills.

General Group Critique Outline: The teacher or intern will act as the facilitator.

One Minute: Presenter (Student):

The presenter will speak briefly and introduce their work in a few sentences. The presenter should be clear about his/her needs, for example, does the presenter want general or specific feedback.

Thirty Seconds: Each Group Member Should…

Speak about the elements and principles of art as they relate to the work.  Speak of the technical quality of the work. For example, what are your thoughts/comments about exposure, background, color, tone, focus and composition. Can the image benefit from improvement in those areas?

Speak of the social relevance or impact of the work.  Is there a theme or story that ties the images together? For example; does the image tell you anything new about the world we live in?

Below are some general articles related to photo critiques.

    1. What is a Critique?
    2. Critique Guidelines
    3. Art Critiques Made Easy
    4. Evaluating Student Work

Below are some general articles related to artist statements

    1. Artist Statements: A Quick Guide
    2. Your Artist Statement: Explaining the Unexplainable

Writing Style Guides: List of additional styles

  • APA: – used in many of the social and behavioral sciences
  • MLA: – used in the humanities, language, and literature
  • Chicago/Turabian: – used in the fields of literature, history, and the arts
  • CSE: – used in the biological sciences
  • The Punctuation Guide


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