Create A Contact Sheet in Bridge

Create A Contact Sheet

How to make a contact sheet in Photoshop CS5

The following tutorial will help you create contact sheets that can be saved to a PDF and then printed or emailed to a client.

1.) Launch Bridge, or use the Bridge shortcut right inside Photoshop, Illustrator, or whatever other portion of CS you happen to be running.
2.) Once inside Bridge, navigate to the folder containing the photos you wish to use for your contact sheet.
3.) Once you have your photos selected, from the menu bar select Window > Workspace > Output
4.) Select, PDF > The Template drop down, choose 4X5 (for traditional contact sheet spec). Everything else is fine in the default setting.

  • Document:  Specify page size, orientation, output quality (in ppi); JPEG image compression quality; background color; and optional permissions.
  • Layout:  Image-placement and image-spacing options.
  • Overlays:  Print the filename under each image and page numbers in a header or footer.
  • Header, Footer:  Enable headers and footers and specify their positioning and type.
  • Playback:  Options for how the PDF plays onscreen in Adobe Acrobat® or Adobe Reader®.
  • Watermark:  Add a text or graphical watermark to each page or each image. Customize the text font, size, and color. Customize the text or graphic’s scale, opacity, offset, and rotation.

5.) Once everything is set preview in PDF and click the “Save” button at the bottom of the controls, name your file and choose your file destination.

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