A Must See: Posing Beauty in African American Culture

This a short piece on how we can see the joy and inspiration of how identity is formed and celebrated.

“Curator, photographer, and historian Deb Willis breakthrough exhibition, “Posing Beauty in African American Culture,” has been travelling for over 10 years. It’s based on her book “Posing Beauty: African American Images from the 1890s to the Present,” featuring snapshots, documentary photographs, and works by artists, all exploring beauty in Black culture.”

Article: The Benefit to Being Conspicuous While Photographing

The Benefit to Being Conspicuous While Photographing https://flip.it/DOn-a4

AAPI Youth Rising & American Girls Doll

Fighting Xenophobia in America: American Girl’s 1st Chinese American ‘Girl of the Year’ doll aims to fight AAPI hate

NPR: https://www.npr.org/2022/01/05/1070616965/chinese-american-girl-doll-corinne-tan-aapi-racism

AAPI Youth Rising

“American Girl selected AAPI Youth Rising as the partner organization for the American Girl 2022 Girl of the Year! Corinne Tan is the first Asian American GOTY and we are so honored to be the 2022 GOTY partner organization with American Girl!”

Photography Exhibits at MoMA & The Met

The Met – The New Women Behind the Camera

“The New Woman of the 1920s through the 1950s was a powerful expression of modernity, a global phenomenon that embodied an ideal of female empowerment based on real women making revolutionary changes in life and art. During this tumultuous period shaped by two world wars, women stood at the forefront of experimentation with the camera and produced invaluable visual testimony that reflects both their personal experiences and the extraordinary social and political transformations of the era.”

50 Photographs by 50 Photographers

Ones To Watch 2021: Tayo Adekunle


Incredible 160-year-old Civil War era photos Restored, Enhanced, and Colorized


The Art of Seeing, Books


Color Theory & Photography

Visual Design Of A Photograph Lecture

Learning to See… Observe > Imagine > Express

“See – Feel – Think!”

The History of Photography

“Journey through the history of photography and discover how cameras have developed! “

Created by the Cooperative of Photography: http://www.cooph.com


The LINK can only be viewed on Youtube.

Seeing in Black and White with Eileen Rafferty

Portraits & Power

Why a Vogue Cover Created an Uproar Over Kamala Harris

“How can portraits convey authority? For thousands of years, rulers and would-be rulers have used portraits to assert their legitimacy, proclaim their power, and solidify their authority. Portraits could be especially important for a sovereign whose actual right to rule was questionable or contested.” – Art Through Time: A Global View