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Why a Vogue Cover Created an Uproar Over Kamala Harris

“How can portraits convey authority? For thousands of years, rulers and would-be rulers have used portraits to assert their legitimacy, proclaim their power, and solidify their authority. Portraits could be especially important for a sovereign whose actual right to rule was questionable or contested.” – Art Through Time: A Global View

SoHo’s New Geeks

SoHo’s New Geeks

“In the SoHo neighborhood of New York, lines form early and last long for the newest limited-edition product “drops.” A photographer and a writer collaborate to meet the young stalwarts and check out their spoils”





Here’s the Golden Ratio in Ansel Adams’ Photos

Here’s the Golden Ratio in Ansel Adams’ Photos

Swiping a Priceless Antiquity … With a Scanner and a 3-D Printer

Swiping a Priceless Antiquity … With a Scanner and a 3-D Printer

When artists share the scanned data from a priceless statue so others can reproduce the item, what are the social, economic, legal and cultural ramifications? Does this change the value society places on antiquities?  Share your thoughts after reading the article.

museumshack video of artist scanning bust at musuem



Misty Copeland Recreates Edgar Degas Masterpieces

Misty Copeland Recreates Edgar Degas Masterpieces, Takes Our Breath Away…

“Video shot by Sandy Chase. Photography by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory of the NYC Dance Project. To learn more visit: http://www.nycdanceproject.com/


Richard Prince, Inc.

Controversial artist Richard Prince sued for copyright infringement

“Richard Prince, a New York-based artist whose work often involves appropriating that of others, has been sued for copyright infringement by Donald Graham, a photographer who claims Prince knowingly reproduced his photo Rastafarian Smoking a Joint without seeking permission.

Artnet reports that Graham filed a complaint on 30 December against Prince, the Gagosian Gallery – where Prince’s New Portraits exhibition ran between September and October 2014 – and Lawrence Gagosian, the gallery owner.

The New Portraits collection featured 37 inkjet prints on canvas of what Prince called “screen saves” of Instagram posts, according to the complaint. The only modification to the images by Prince, besides blowing them up in size, are in comments underneath the pictures comprised of emojis and bizarre sentences. The pieces sold for up to $100,000 at New York’s Frieze art fair, where they caused considerable controversy.”

Richard Prince, Inc.

The Art of Art Lawsuits

The Art of Art Lawsuits

When Is Appropriation Just Copying?

When Is Appropriation Just Copying?