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Time Magazine Best Photojournalism 2018

Time Magazine Best Photojournalism 2017

Do Now: Neither Black Nor White in the Mississippi Delta


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Do Now:  Read the NY Times photo essay Neither Black Nor White in the Mississippi Delta and clearly describe the images below in three individual sentences using photographic compositional terms. Be prepared for peer-to-peer and class share-outs. Take time to look at the … Continue reading

SoHo’s New Geeks

SoHo’s New Geeks

“In the SoHo neighborhood of New York, lines form early and last long for the newest limited-edition product “drops.” A photographer and a writer collaborate to meet the young stalwarts and check out their spoils”





Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

“Can the media in the United States, as well as media outlets throughout the world, continue to help provide a coherent, society-wide, fact-based framework to understand and debate the meaning of contemporary issues and events? Or, in this “post-factual” era, transfixed by the emergence of an energized social media, is the role of the journalist increasingly irrelevant? And if so, does it need to be reinvented?”

Film Student Let Thief Steal His Phone, Tracked Him to Create This Short Film

Film Student Let Thief Steal His Phone, Tracked Him to Create This Short Film