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Dollar Store Creative Lighting

Prop Tips:

The closer a prop is to the subject, the more defined the shapes/edges.

Hard Light: Use a small light source to achieve hard light. The further the light is from the subject, the harder the light source.

Lighting modifiers: Try a zoom reflector and a grid. This will control the spread or spill of light.

How to Capture Dance Movement 

Freezing motion with rear-curtain sync, flash photography, shutter drag.

“The key to this creative lighting technique is mixing studio strobes, a constant light source, camera movement, and shutter drag.

“Creative In-Camera Motion Blur”

Step 1: Use a strobe to light your subject. Anywhere that the strobe illuminates will be frozen in place.

Step 2: Introduce a constant light into the scene. This can be a modeling light, a work light, an LED, a flashlight… etc! In this case, I have chosen a Nanlite Pavo because it is inexpensive and has a full RGB range (plus it’s quite bright!)

Step 3: Change your shutter speed to a long/slow shutter speed. Start with somewhere around 1/8 to 1/20 of a second.

Step 4: Turn off all ambient light in the room (other than your purposeful constant light). This includes overhead lights, covering windows, and turning off modeling lights.

Step 5: Take a photo and move your camera or subject. Try zooming your camera, wiggling it side to side or a combination of both. This will create streaks of light across your image.

Pro tip: Select clothing or jewelry that has sparkle/shine. This is the best way to pick up the reflections of the constant light!”

Thank you, Adorama & Lindsay Adler for these great videos!

AAPI Youth Rising & American Girls Doll

Fighting Xenophobia in America: American Girl’s 1st Chinese American ‘Girl of the Year’ doll aims to fight AAPI hate

NPR: https://www.npr.org/2022/01/05/1070616965/chinese-american-girl-doll-corinne-tan-aapi-racism

AAPI Youth Rising

“American Girl selected AAPI Youth Rising as the partner organization for the American Girl 2022 Girl of the Year! Corinne Tan is the first Asian American GOTY and we are so honored to be the 2022 GOTY partner organization with American Girl!”

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