Film Blocking and Composition

Film Blocking and Composition

“If you have tried your hand at directing, you have most likely found yourself in the same predicament that filmmakers have been facing since the dawn of cinema. Where do I put the camera and how will my actors move through the scene? Although it is integral to a director’s skillset to tell a story, I am always amazed at how few filmmakers truly understand great blocking. Luckily, we can do what we always do in filmmaking when we want to learn. Watch the masters.”


Simple Lines Reveal the Brilliant Compositions of Iconic Film Scenes

Simple Lines Reveal the Brilliant Compositions of Iconic Film Scenes

“Each frame of a film is like a blank canvas for a cinematographer, offering them a new opportunity to create a dynamic composition. If a scene is especially memorable, it can stick with us like an impressive painting, with the characters—their props, poses, and surroundings—embedded into our collective conscious forever. Raymond Thi of Composition Cam examines iconic, visually stunning film stills by dissecting them to reveal the brilliance behind a frame’s layout.”

Magnum photographers discuss their decisive moment

Magnum photographers discuss their decisive moment

“Some of the most iconic Magnum Photographers, dating from the early years of the photo agency right up to the present day, share their take on, and the image that defines for them, Henri Cartier-Bresson’s concept of the defining moment.”

IRAN. Mahmoudabad. Caspian Sea. 2011.  Imaginary CD cover for Sahar.