Article: Photographer Captures Portraits of “Childhood” From All Around the World

Photographer Captures Portraits of “Childhood” From All Around the World

How would you document childhood from your unique perspective?

My daughter and her friends 2019 – childhood in NYC.

Maura Sullivan – Catalyst: Interviews

Jenny Lewis: One Day Young | British Journal of Photography

Jenny Lewis: One Day Young

Sebastião Salgado: “I had travelled to the dawn of time.”

The Salt Of The Earth

I am so excited to see this film about the life and work of Sebastião Salgado.

Advise from Sebastião Salgado for young photographers. “If you’re young and have the time, go and study. Study anthropology, sociology, economy, geopolitics. Study so that you’re actually able to understand what you’re photographing. What you can photograph and what you should photograph.”

Motivation, 12/08/14, Coming Back Home to a Lower East Side Tenement

Motivational Exercise: Monday, 12/08/14

Video: An Artifact Once Was Just Home – Tenement Memories NYT link;  YouTube link.

Additional article link from Crains Magazine.

  1. Read the essay and describe the video from the New York Times Photo Blog, in three individual sentences using photographic compositional terms. Explain your ideas clearly.
  2. Post your response directly into the blog under “Leave a Reply”.

Take time to look at the video image(s) and review the story for greater understanding of the artist(s) vision.  

  • What do you see? What are the visual clues?
  • How do the images make you feel?  
  • What visual threads tie the images together?  
Refer to the photographic compositional link above for ideas and accurate terms to describe the image(s), then choose three concepts to elaborate on, for example:
  • Speak about the camera angle / lens choice / background / the props and lighting.
  • Does the image follow the rule of thirds (please explain in detail)?
  • Describe the compositional elements of the image(s); shape & form / line / space / value / texture and color within the image.
  • Describe the compositional principles within the image(s); emphasis / balance / unity / contrast / movement & rhythm / pattern / repetition within the images.