Article: ‘Frightened To Death’: Cheerleader Speech Case Gives Supreme Court Pause

‘Frightened To Death’: Cheerleader Speech Case Gives Supreme Court Pause

“Facing its biggest student speech case in a half century, the Supreme Court seemed to be looking for a narrow exit door on Wednesday.

At issue was whether schools may punish students for speech that occurs online and off campus but may affect school order.

The case has been billed as the most important student speech case since 1969. That landmark ruling came at the height of the Vietnam War. Mary Beth Tinker and four other students went to court after they were suspended for wearing black armbands to school to protest the war.

By a vote of 7-to-2 the high court ruled at the time for the first time that kids do have First Amendment free speech rights at school, unless school officials reasonably forecast it will cause disruptions.” –