Article: Cameras That Changed Photography Forever

Cameras That Changed Photography Forever

The Future of Film Photography: Instant Toy Cameras and Small-Scale Labs

The Future of Film Photography: Instant Toy Cameras and Small-Scale Labs


“The hashtag #filmisnotdead has over 1 million posts on Instagram, but#film leads the analog-love graduatory with 11.5 million posts, followed by#35mm – the most popular photographic film – with 2 million. If you’re wondering about the current and future health of film photography, hashtags, data and numbers may offer a little prediction.

In the improbable but increasingly popular hybrid marriage between analog and digital, pixels and rolls, Lightroom and darkrooms, these numbers speak of a predictable, still potentially interesting trend. Clearly, film is not dead, but there have certainly been some concerns about the health of the industry, and consumers have felt an urgency to express their lasting commitment to the traditional format through mobile apps’ language.”