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The Elements of Art 2019

Introduction to Photography Syllabus – Lieberman_Syllabus_Spring2020

Introduction to Photojournalism Syllabus – Lieberman_Syllabus_Spring2020_PJ

Extra Credit

    • Photo-essays. I encourage all students to experiment with telling visual stories. It is equally important to include a summary describing your project; the who, what, where, why, when, and how.
    • Article summaries. I encourage all students to read and summarize articles related to photography for extra credit. You may find articles at the PDNedu site.


    • Students feel free to email me any work and/or images related to assignments.
    • Please include your name, date, class period, and the name of the assignment.


  • Assignments will be posted on Pupilpath
  • Students are responsible for all ‘Do Now’ assignments. 
    • Please write your ‘Do Now’ response in your notebook. Notebooks will be checked weekly.