‘Homework’ Assignments

10/30/19, Homework Assignment,

  • review handout on elements of art for Friday assessment
  • remember to bring in your notebook for the ‘Do Now’ check.
    • It is your responsibility to have at least one reflective observation using the elements of art in your notebook.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Tomorrow is Halloween. Create images of what Halloween means to you and be prepared to share. Email me the images and a few descriptive sentences using the elements of art.

10/28/19, Homework Assignment, complete either (1) or (2); Due Friday, November 1

  • Email me your completed; ilieberman (at) schools (dot) nyc (dot) gov
  1. Use your cell/camera phone to create images that demonstrate your understanding of each of the elements of art.
    • Refer to elements_of_art.  Be prepared to share with your images with your peers in class.
  2. Find a photo in a magazine in either print or digitally that appeals to you. Explain how each of your images relates to the elements of art.

For example; The image below represents several elements of art. The image has a rough and bumpy texture with sharp ridges. The highlight and shadow values give the image a sense of depth. There are many lines that lead the eye within the grain of the wood surface. The image has a rich intense green/blue color (hue).