Instructional Apps

Animoto – create videos & slideshows

Blabberize – give images a fun voice

Canvas – cloud teaching platform (a LMS, learning management system)

EDpuzzle – make videos into lessons, similar to zaption

Evernote – keep all your notes in one place

Flicker  – photo & video sharing

Padlets – online bulletin boards walls / a collaboration, presentation tool

Pixton – create interactive web comic

Powtoon – create animated presentations

Prezi – interactive presentations

Screencast-O-Matic – create videos from your computer

Smore – design flyers to share information and ideas

Tackk – single page web flyer

Teachertube – free educational video sharing site

Ted Ed – build a lesson around a video

Thinglink –  add links to images and videos

Vimeo – video sharing

VoiceThread – collaboration tool for sharing images & text

Voki – create speaking avatars

Zaption – turn videos into interactive lessons

Zoom – web & video conferencing tool

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