Article: Erotic Photography: The rise of ‘Men’s Magazines’ in the 1960s

Erotic Photography: The rise of ‘Men’s Magazines’ in the 1960s

AAPI Youth Rising & American Girls Doll

Fighting Xenophobia in America: American Girl’s 1st Chinese American ‘Girl of the Year’ doll aims to fight AAPI hate


AAPI Youth Rising

“American Girl selected AAPI Youth Rising as the partner organization for the American Girl 2022 Girl of the Year! Corinne Tan is the first Asian American GOTY and we are so honored to be the 2022 GOTY partner organization with American Girl!”

Meet the indigenous people fighting to preserve the Amazon To mark International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we visit the Amazon’s indigenous activists working to defend the rainforests against deforestation…

“Exterminate All the Brutes”

“Exterminate All the Brutes”: Filmmaker Raoul Peck Explores Colonialism & Origins of White Supremacy

Article: How Do Photographs Reveal a History of Asian American Erasure?

How Do Photographs Reveal a History of Asian American Erasure?

“A daguerreotype of a woman from the 1850s speaks to contested ideas of place, identity, and belonging—and offers urgent lessons for today.”



“The art historian Sarah Lewis writes that American citizenship has long been a project of vision and justice. The absence of photographs of the Chinese men and women who helped build California speaks to contested ideas of place, identity, and belonging that continue to shape our collective image of America today. The consequences of this erasure is clear: immigrants have experienced nearly a century of citizenship denied, and Asians who identify as American still live with a deep sense of not belonging. Though the Chinese Exclusion Act was officially repealed in 1943, when the US and China became World War II allies, stringent quotas for Chinese immigration remained in place until 1965. Many Gen X and millennial Asian Americans, myself included, are the first in their families born in America. How do we engage with the democratic ideals of American society when we don’t even see ourselves represented in it?”  –

Article: ER Doctor In Los Angeles Captures The Toll Of COVID-19 With His Camera

ER Doctor In Los Angeles Captures The Toll Of COVID-19 With His Camera

Check out “10 Stories from Africa by Photojournalists” on Flipboard

10 Stories from Africa by Photojournalists

Check out “Photographers Capture Stories from Africa You Haven’t Seen” on Flipboard

Photographers Capture Stories from Africa You Haven’t Seen

Time Magazine Photojournalism

Time Magazine Best Photojournalism 2018

Time Magazine Best Photojournalism 2017

A Life Revealed

A Life Revealed

“The young Afghan refugee who stared from the cover of National Geographic in June 1985 was an enigma for 17 years. What was her name? Had she survived? Photographer Steve McCurry joined a crew from National Geographic Television & Film to methodically search for her. They showed her photograph around the refugee camp in Pakistan where McCurry had encountered her as a schoolgirl in December 1984. Finally, after some false leads, a man who had also lived in the camp as a child recognized her. Yes, she was alive. She had left the camp many years before and was living in the mountainous Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. He said he could find her, and three days later he and a friend brought her back to the camp. There, the remarkable story of this woman, Sharbat Gula, began to be told.”