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Check out “5 Concepts to Master 90% of Photoshop!” on Flipboard

5 Concepts to Master 90% of Photoshop!

Article: 15 Types of Photography: Photo Genres You Should Know

15 Types of Photography: Photo Genres You Should Know

Article: How To Read A Histogram

How To Read A Histogram

Photoshop Tools


The Art of Seeing, Books

Color Theory & Photography

Visual Design Of A Photograph Lecture

Learning to See… Observe > Imagine > Express

“See – Feel – Think!”

The Photo Critique

Using the critique to learn and practice the language of photography.

Critique the Community: Headshot Photography with Peter Hurley 11a

Elia Locardi and Mike Kelley Critique Landscapes

Critique the Community Episode 26 – Environmental Portraits

The History of Photography

“Journey through the history of photography and discover how cameras have developed! “

Created by the Cooperative of Photography:

The LINK can only be viewed on Youtube.

Seeing in Black and White with Eileen Rafferty

Art Movements Through Photography (History)

B&H Lecture by Eileen Rafferty, 2013

“Throughout Photographic History, there have been very different Art Movements, each with its own style and purpose. Through these Movements we find diverse photographic techniques, aesthetics and ideas offered. In this class, we will look at several Art Movements in the history of Photography, the photographers involved in each, and examine the visual style that pervaded each Movement. By studying these Art Movements and the photographers and artists who inspired them we can find a source for our own creativity and ideas for our own photographic work.”