Modern Professional Headshots and Professional Branding

There are many ways to light a headshot. The goal of any professional headshot or branding portrait is to show an image that represents the best version of you.

Hair & makeup for headshots and personal branding are incredibly important to keep current. Working with a professional MUA/Hair/Groomer helps you look and feel your best self under professional lights. This reduces retouching time and will help you feel like your best self!

Below are a few different approaches by headshot photographers that break down the process and share their best practices. Enjoy!

Video tutorials & tips:

  1. Lighting My Favourite Lighting for Business Headshots
  2. Lighting Learn How to Take Low and High Key Headshots Like a Pro
  3. Lighting – tips for consistent color Headshot Photography HACKS: How To Get AWESOME Color In Your Headshots & Portraits
  4. Personal Branding Posing Photography Tips – Workshop Model
  5. Headshot poses for hands
  6. Headshot Makeup Tutorial details matter
  7. Headshot multiple looks, consider your goal and personal preference for your business
  8. Actor Tips Acting Headshot
  9. What to wear for headshots — Wardrobe tips for your photoshoot
  10. Makeup & Hair – for your Professional Headshot
  11. Headshots for actors PHOTOSHOP – HOW TO EDIT ACTOR HEADSHOTS

Link to site Headshot guide for actors OR download guide below

Link to branding posing flows