William Wegman & His Dogs, Classic

Classic, conceptual, funny, video, and photographic artist – William Wegman.

This morning my daughter excitedly showed me a video on ticktock of a dog-faced human eating his meal at a table. People were laughing in the background as the dog ate a steak with his bare human hands, struggled to drink a fruit embellished cocktail, and then opened his wallet to pay for his meal. She thought it was genius. That was really funny, I told her, now let me show you a little something… William Wegman’s Wilderness: An Artist and His Dogs at Home | The New York Times.

Perhaps it is the teacher in me, the love of history, or the need to give credit where credit is due that prompted me to share the work of  ARTIST SERIES :: WILLIAM WEGMAN with her. She loved it!

I hope those who read this post will discover or rediscover his work. I am always amazed when listening to artists speak about their work and process how life often pushes them and us in new directions to experiment with different materials and mediums. Once we embrace new ideas our work flows as if we tapped into our life vein of creativity. It comes to us all, at various times in our lives, and it is our choice to accept and run with it.

National Endowment for the Arts – Wegman

Sesame Street – Dogs bake homemade bread

William Wegman – Alphabet Soup

Sesame Street – Wegman’s Dogs: The Waiter