Do Now: 11/01/19

Do Now, November 1, 2019

  1. Review the image below from the Feature Shoot essay Jamel Shabazz’s 40 Years of Sights and Styles in New York
  2. In your notebook, describe what you see in the image(s) below using the language contained in the elements of art.
  3. Be prepared for peer-to-peer and class share-outs.

What do you see? 

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 8.57.05 AM.png

  • Describe the elements of art within the image(s); shape & form / line / space / value / texture and color within the image.
  • Describe the principles of art within the image(s); emphasis / balance / unity / contrast / movement & rhythm / pattern / repetition within the images.