Do Now: Neither Black Nor White in the Mississippi Delta

Do Now: 

  1. Read the NY Times photo essay Neither Black Nor White in the Mississippi Delta and clearly describe the images below in three individual sentences using photographic compositional terms.
  2. Be prepared for peer-to-peer and class share-outs.

Take time to look at the image(s) and review the story for greater understanding of the artists vision and story context.  What do you see?  How do the images make you feel? What visual threads tie the images together?  Do the captions give you insight?

Refer to the photographic compositional link above for ideas and accurate terms to describe the image(s), then choose three concepts to elaborate on, for example:
  • Speak about the camera angle / lens choice / background / the props and lighting.
  • Does the image follow the rule of thirds (please explain in detail)?
  • Describe the compositional elements of the image(s); shape & form / line / space / value / texture and color within the image.
  • Describe the compositional principles within the image(s); emphasis / balance / unity / contrast / movement & rhythm / pattern / repetition within the images.