Garry Winogrand: Five lessons from a master of photography

Garry Winogrand: Five lessons from a master of photography 

“Few photographers have lived and breathed their art with the singular devotion of Garry Winogrand. In a career spanning four decades, the Brooklyn native stalked the New York pavement with a Leica camera and a wide-angle lens, capturing New Yorkers at intimate quarters. His pictures capture fragments of ordinary life in an America poised between confidence and crisis: laughter in the sun of a summer street, the tang of menace from a bandaged figure in a convertible, moments of unexpected surrealism on an afternoon in the city zoo.”

ST1998.0589.10_01_b01, 4/6/09, 2:57 PM, 8C, 7500x10000 (0+0), 125%, Custom, 1/60 s, R111.4, G85.3, B96.3

El Morocco, New York, 1955 (Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco)

ST1998.0589.11_01_b01, 4/6/09, 3:39 PM, 8C, 7214x9979 (270+0), 125%, Custom, 1/60 s, R111.3, G85.4, B96.2