When artists appropriate the ideas of others

Photographer Blasts Wind At People, Captures Funnily-Distorted Faces

Can you copyright an idea? No.

According to a government website on copyright law, “Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, systems, or methods of doing something. You may express your ideas in writing or drawings and claim copyright in your description, but be aware that copyright will not protect the idea itself as revealed in your written or artistic work.”

Look at the two images below, one was created in 2012 and the other in 2014.  What are your thoughts on artists or photographers who appropriate / reinvent the work / ideas of others?



“Vancouver-based photographer Martin Szabo has a fun photo series where people’s faces are amusingly distorted.

TitledBe Blown Away!’, the shots were captured as individuals’ faces were treated to a spontaneous, full-on blast of wind at 240mph from a leaf blower.

Take a peek at how it’s done below and check out more photos here.

Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern has a similar concept photo shoot in 2012, cheekily titled ‘Blow Job’.”

Food for thought…

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