Do Now: Do Now: 2/7/14, My Hometown is …

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 8.13.29 PM

Go to the New York Times Photoblog, February 6th, 2014, and describe the image that comes up in three individual sentences using photographic compositional terms. Take time to look at the image and images from the series. What do you see?

Post your response directly into the blog under “Leave a Reply”.

For example;
  • Speak about the camera angle, lens choice, background, the props and lighting.
  • Does the image follow the rule of thirds (explain)?
  • Describe the compositional elements; shape / form, line, space, value, texture and color within the image.
  • Describe the compositional principles; emphasis, balance, unity, contrast, movement / rhythm and pattern / repetition within the images.

7 thoughts on “Do Now: Do Now: 2/7/14, My Hometown is …

  1. The image above is shot from a high point of view with a wide angle, there is a use of lines and shapes in the image such as the shadow and tiles. There is also a use of movement because you can tell the woman is walking.

  2. The image was shot from a high angle. This image contains movement, because the lady in the red was walking. Also it can state how NYC people are always on the go, but can live a crazy scary lifestyle.

  3. This image is taken from a high angle. It is taken in natural light and there is movement. There are lines and shapes within the image from the wall and sidewalk.

  4. This image was shot from a high angle. It was taken in natural light which you can see the shadow. There is also movement in the image. There’s also lines and shapes.

  5. This image is a horizontally shot, with a strong contrast, hence the strong shadows and highlights created by the natural lighting. The shot is eerie thanks to the shadow of the person with his hands up. Moreover, there are very few patterns. This image also follows the rule of thirds.

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