Do Now – 7/18/13, Thursday

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NYT Photoblog

Go to the New York Times Photoblog (link above) and describe the image that comes up in three individual sentences using photographic compositional terms.

For example;
  • Speak about the camera angle, lens choice, background, the props and lighting.
  • Does the image follow the rule of thirds (explain)?
  • Describe the compositional elements; shape / form, line, space, value, texture and color within the image.
  • Describe the compositional principles; emphasis, balance, unity, contrast, movement / rhythm and pattern / repetition within the images.

18 thoughts on “Do Now – 7/18/13, Thursday

  1. This image follows the rule of thirds because the one of the girls are slightly of center. This image is taken at eye level. This has a maximum depth of field, because everything in the photo is in focus.

  2. This photo was shot at eye level and uses the rule of thirds because the two women being the focus of the photo are not in the center. The light is pointed to the floral curtains on the sides of the picture and the dresses worn by the women. There is texture shown in the side and the back. Since the two women did not take up all the space of the picture, the photographer used the curtains as props to take up the negative space. The balance in the picture is shown through the pose of the women with their hands on their hips, where their feet are placed and the dresses. The photographer basically shows the balance in the picture by making them do and wear the same thing. As well as showing balance, the photographer also shows repetition within the image through these actions.

  3. The photo labeled “Alice Austen’s Type of Town”, shows a black and white eye level photo of the two subject. This photograph, shows front lighting, which seems florescent due to the shadows being shown in the background. It also shows symmetry with the flower quilt at both ends with the girls being in the middle. The photo does not follow the rule of thirds, as the subjects are in the middle.

  4. the image fits the rule of thirds, as the two subjects are both off center. the curtains and the pattern on them give a sense of line and pattern. The bright lighting gives a harsh shadow behind the subjects and the curtains.

  5. The angle of the camera is eye level. The image centers the two subjects but doesn’t use the rule of thirds because there is no third person or subject to create a middle ground. The use of shadows, (most likely under-lighting,) creates a “creepy” tone.

  6. For todays NYT Photo blog, The photo was taken at eye level, the photo follows and brakes the rule of thirds, with the women’s face in the middle but still there are things in the “power points”. The photo is well balanced and almost symmetrical. The lighting is very harsh coming from the right side of the photo.

  7. The image fits the rule of thirds due to both subjects being off center. Since it’s in black and white, it creates a contrast. Lastly, the curtain on the sides of the subjects creates patterns and lines.

  8. The image for “Alice Austen’s Type of Town” is shot at eye level and is in black and white, which causes high contrast in the shades. There is large depth of field. There is also balance and symmetry in the photo if you place the line of symmetry between the women.

  9. The image uses the rule of thirds because both subjects are off center. The curtains in the back are acting like leading lines and brining the eye to the main subjects. And the picture is in black and white.

  10. This image follows the rule of thirds. The shadows contrast and crate lines that leads your eyes. The whites highlights the image more. The image is well focused and this image portrays a sense symmetry.

  11. The photograph above is symmetrical creating a balance and unity. The maximum depth of field emphasizes the patterns and lines in the middle ground and background. Lastly, it was taken at eye level.

  12. The first thing i notice about this photo is the contrast of black and white as well as the pattern of the curtain. Also the the symmetry of the two girls is interesting and really balances the picture.

  13. Eye Level is Visible in this photo. The Photo does not follow the rule of thirds. The contrast is on a medium scale. There are shadows being shown in the background. It is almost’ even with .symmetry

  14. This is shot at eye level. is breaks the rule of thirds. the subjects are mainly in the middle of the frame. the props are the curtains and backdrops also the mask that they are wearing. there is no colour in the image. the texture of the floor gives it a grunge look. the subjects are symmetrical. the is repetition pattern in the curtain.

  15. This image breaks the rule of thirds because the women in the photograph are both in the center. The photo was taken at eye level and also uses props such as the face masks, papers and chairs. The image is in black and white and the curtains have a pattern.

  16. This image does not follow the rule of thirds because both women are in the middle,the image is in eye level,and is in black and white.

  17. The photo above does follow the rules of third because both subjects are slightly off center. Nothing is in between the two people that makes it the main subject. The angle of the view is from a normal human eye perspective (portraiture). There is also a lot of texture from the curtains, which acts as a boarder for the two subjects. There are also nice highlights and soft whites in the photo.

  18. In this image, there is symmetry between the two central figures and curtains on either side of the image. The image has a lot of texture from the fabrics that are used in the image. Also, the flow of the photograph is broken by the arm of the chair in the bottom left corner.

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